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And I am back :D

2016-03-03 20:58:55 by ChaelMusic

back with a new track, finally xD


check it out now:

Thanks for all support!



2016-02-21 16:47:40 by ChaelMusic

So my computer decided to stop working. Apparently it was a hard drive problem..

I should have all my progress, and it will just take time to organize everything... I got some stuff and it will be fixed hopefully.


So that is why I have been unable to make music for some time. 


Here is a blurred picture:5474944_145609123842_nice_1080p-_nature-_wallpaper.jpg

What's next?

2016-01-29 20:28:58 by ChaelMusic

I guess I am starting to learn a lot from music production, but I will try to take a step further and maybe get some books or something. I looked at the EDMPROD website and if anyone wants to learn new stuff you guys should head there :D

I have quite a few projects going on now, and so far it is going quite well. I hope to upload some tracks soon!

Thank you to all those who followed me so far or gave me really useful tips!! I appreciate it.


2015-12-31 14:59:33 by ChaelMusic

Polrock has made a fantasic new logo for me! Thanks man!

Check his stuff out:


Also a big thanks to everyone who is supporting me and giving me tips! I really appreciate all of it. 



2015-12-17 20:42:18 by ChaelMusic

Finally had the time to take a crash course of Photoshop from several friends in order to make this logo!!! Shout out to Polrock and NeoMusika for helping me make this as good as possible!!


I'm glad to announce my first collab ever uploaded. I uploaded it on soundcloud and EnNinja (who I collabed with) uploaded it on NG!!

Go support us now and rate it so we can both improve!

So, yeah my new track is up!

But this one is different because it is on Ocular Army's channel as well. I encourage you to check us out because we have a lot of good artists there!


My New Track :

I started making a halloween track for you guys just for fun.... then I looked at the NG calender and saw the contest for a HALLOWEEN THEMED TRACK. I just had to enter!

I hope you guys enjoy Into The Forest; my first dubstep track and it's halloween themed!

Listen now:


A fellow NG music artist Kosmonaut(Varv404) remastered/remixed(whatever you want to call it) my song :D 
Submerge was an original track of mine created not long ago, and Kosmonaut was interested in improving Submerge; he added some bass and improved percussion instruments as well as improving certain sounds and rearranging several parts. I though it was a major improvement, and it still kept the main tone of the song which I intended! ENJOY!

Thanks Kosmonaut!

Listen now:

Remember the post I made about not being sure if the track was safe to upload... it was! Creative commons for the win! I did my research and made sure I could upload it.

Listen now:


Sounds lame? Whatever, I'm just glad you guys can experience this track!

It's on Soundcloud too don't worry: