New Name?

2016-03-13 21:47:03 by ChaelMusic

So it has come to my attention (by literally everybody) that I gotta change my name because of the initials... I don't have to spell it out for you really lol

I knew from the start that it would be a risk with this name but I stuck with it...

I came to a point where I started to make pretty decent music so I want a name that will not be made fun of or compromise the chance of success.

BASICALLY if anyone has an honest good idea for a name that correlates with my style or my name (Michael Bradley C.) then I would be forever greatful :D

Thanks to whoever reads this.


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2016-03-13 22:29:57

How about "MyNameIsBrad"?

(Updated ) ChaelMusic responds:

Haha I actually decided to go with Chael in the end

Thanks :)


2016-03-13 23:47:24

How about BrhadRadMadCrab?

(Updated ) ChaelMusic responds:

lol that is a long name

If you care I chose the name Chael