2016-04-29 20:09:01 by ChaelMusic

I got my name changed to ChaelMusic on NG

I hope this won't confuse anyone but just in case:

my old name was Bradleyspectrum 


Expect some new awesome content soon.. :D


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2016-04-29 21:07:47


ChaelMusic responds:

lol it's not really a big deal but it is much more convenient; thanks


2016-04-29 21:31:09

Neat. Glad to see you're a supporter of this site. My former name was constromlie ;)

ChaelMusic responds:

Oh yeah I know you xD

Anyway yeah it is a good cause :D


2016-04-30 04:29:25

I could've sworn I'd seen your old username somewhere. Good to see you around.
Side note, I wholeheartedly agree with that post you made on the GD thread but I need to point out one thing: @ThisIsTheFatRat and NCS (whose username I forget) are the only two, shall we say, major artists outside NG who actually did legit join NG. We cross-referenced with the rest of their social networks and found it to be true.

ChaelMusic responds:

I knew about TheFatRat... it surprised me when he did join, but NCS has an account? NCS is a record label...

Thanks for the response :)


2016-05-01 05:32:07

tfw my name isn't changed yet, this fucking website


2016-05-01 11:00:19

Lul scruuuub I don't ned to chang my fchgfghgjfvbdching name

ChaelMusic responds:

Well I did so... yeah