The Plan

2017-03-10 21:51:12 by ChaelMusic

I am not dead (I promise). In fact, I am just about caught up with YouTube uploads now.

I have about 7 projects completed (the mixes are being modified a little for 2 of them).

I think I have improved quite a lot recently, but I have not had the time to put together everything for uploading to all of my profiles...


Hopefully, I will pump out several unique tracks throughout this weekend/next week (I will not spam all at once.. unless I decide to group several tracks into an EP). I am really excited to gain more feedback from you guys so I can continue to improve. Thanks to everyone who has given me valuable feedback and advice so far. 

I am actually quite interested in collabing at the moment. I don't have much time really, but seeing Fiction (a collaborative project created by three of my colleagues) work out is kind of inspiring. It is nice to see ambitious projects like that completed. I am sure they learned quite a lot from making it. So if anyone is interested (regardless of how long it may take), you can let me know. I cannot guarantee success, but everyone should practice their collaborative skills from time to time.

Once again, thanks to everyone who gives me feedback and support. It is so helpful; I cannot stress that enough!




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2017-03-10 22:50:12

Best Plan

ChaelMusic responds:

Lol I just wanted to make some kind of post.


2017-04-14 05:09:31

I can collab with you. I'm not the best but I know the main bit of making music. I usually make dubstep, but I'd be happy to do something else. I'm actually quite good at making 8-bit dubstep (ie: BitStep III) and I can collab pretty well (ie: ShineBurst)


2017-08-22 10:57:50

Hey Chael, I am loving the music as always. I definitely got alot of levels to make now, I plan to make an entire series based on only your music... Hopefully it goes well, and I don't burn myself out. Anyways, hope to see more on here and Soundcloud soon enough!

ChaelMusic responds:

Thank you so much!!! I have a bunch of projects I am finishing off, actually. I really hope to share them soon.

Best of luck!!